by Braz Menezes

About The Author – Braz Menezes

Braz Menezes

Braz Menezes is a Commonwealth Scholar who studied Creative Writing at George Brown College and attended the mentorship program at Humber College in Toronto. His work has previously appeared in various anthologies including Canadian Voices, Volumes 1&2; Goa Masala; Indian Voices; and Canadian Imprints. His debut novel Just Matata: Sin, Saints and Settlers was released in 2011, follwed by More Matata: Love after the Mau Mau in 2012. Braz is currently working on the third Matata book to complete his trilogy.

He is available to speak at schools, writing groups, book clubs, and community groups about his Matata trilogy and Kenya in the mid-20th century.

Before he turned to the pen, Braz led a different life as an architect and urban planner, beginning his career in Kenya when his beard was still black.