by Braz Menezes

Braz Menezes talks about Just Matata on ThatChannel’s Liquid Lunch

When I first started writing, nobody warned me about the downside of self-publishing. There is no one else who is going to market your book, so suddenly I was thrust into a world of self-marketing. One day about five years ago, after a speaker at our monthly Breakfast meeting at the Writers and Editors Network Toronto, some of us were invited to come in and do short interviews. I was fresh into the writing scene at the time (I still am). When we got there, there were almost no questions. I was told, “So tell us what this book is all about”. I talked about Just Matata.

Warning: It is long and will take to you travelling in 1949, from Kenya- then a British ruled colony – to Goa, since 1961, an integral part of India, with a brief stop in the Seychelles.